Vinyl SidingYou want to give your home a fresh new look.  You need a new color to show off your personality and want to increase your home’s quality and appearance, as well.  With new vinyl siding, your possibilities are endless, and you can easily find that new look you’ve been waiting for.

Vinyl siding has become the exterior of choice for many homes. It has the same energy conservation benefits of brick or stone without the expensive upfront costs and long-term maintenance.  Vinyl siding is durable and adds beauty to the appearance of your home.  With the many color options available, finding a color and style that fits your personality is an easy task.  Vinyl siding also offers various texture and grain styles, so you’ll find the perfect fit to give your home that fresh new look you have been longing for.

Vinyl siding often comes with a lifetime warranty.  It doesn’t lose its installed value, so you gain quality, as well as increased value of your home.  Maintaining vinyl siding is simple– just a good cleaning with the garden hose, and your siding looks clean, bright and new.  There is no need to replace rotting boards, replace a chipped or broken stone or brick, or re-paint in 3-5 years.  You’ll love the low maintenance and high quality of our product.

Your home is ready for a fresh new look.  Call us at Eden Construction today to schedule an appointment to get the quality your home deserves and improve the appearance of your home’s exterior.