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At Eden Construction, custom-built sunroom construction is one of our specialties in the Orlando, Florida area!

sun room constructionLiving in the Orlando area means that you get sun, and lots of it. Why not take advantage of the sun’s bounteous rays by adding a sunroom to your home? At Eden Construction, we offer our customers a variety of different construction and remodeling services, but custom-built sunrooms are one of our specialties.

There are four main components of a beautiful sunroom: the windows, the roof, the electrical features, and the walls.

  • Windows: The windows are one of the most important features of a sunroom. The windows that we use when we construct a sunroom are heavy-duty, A.A.M.A. rated, and have received a high-energy efficiency rating from the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Roof: When it comes to constructing sunrooms, we want to build these rooms according to our customers’ preferences. There are two roof styles that our customers can pick from: a studio roof or a gable-style roof.
  • Electrical Features: To get the most out of your sunroom, you likely want to have fans to cool you off on a warm summer’s day and electrical outlets to plug in various electronic devices. We can put in optional electrical raceways in the walls and ceiling of your sunroom to make this a reality.
  • Walls: You don’t have to worry about your sunroom collapsing or getting damaged in the event of bad weather if it is built by Eden Construction. Our sunrooms are constructed out of a heavy duty aluminum framework with 3”-thick wall panels.

To find out more about the exquisite, custom-built sunrooms we create, give us a call at Eden Construction in Orlando, Florida!

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