Room Additions, Orlando FL

Room additions are a viable way to add a little extra space to your Orlando, Florida home to keep up with a growing family or to maximize the space in your home.

room addition construction services in Orlando FLWhatever the reason for your room addition, there are several things you should know before construction begins.

Room additions can drastically change the way your home looks when you are viewing it from the street or your front yard.  A poorly constructed room addition can make your new room look like it was an afterthought. At Eden Construction, all of the room additions that we complete are designed to ensure that the appearance of your home, inside and out, still looks the same or even better.

Although it would be nice to decide you want a new room on your home and have it completed the next day, this isn’t possible. Depending on the size of the new room and the construction schedule, putting an addition on your home can take several weeks. However, at Eden Construction, we promise we will keep you up-to-date on our progress and finish the project as quickly as possible.

If you’ve ever thought about creating room additions for your home, but passed up the idea due to cost, remember that adding a room is an investment and can add greatly to the value of your home.  Many homeowners are unable to pay cash for their new addition and instead modify their mortgage to include their new room. You can expect that having Eden Construction do the job will save you money on your room addition due to our competitively and fairly priced home construction services.

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