Kitchen Remodeling, Winter Park, FL

Call on us for a kitchen remodeling experience in Winter Park, FL that will be even better than you were expecting.

kitchen remodelingPerhaps you chose your home because of the kitchen.  Everything about it appealed to your sense of style, and you knew you would feel at home here.   Yet that was five years ago, and now you feel it is time for a change.  Over time, our tastes in color, clothes, design or just about anything else are subject to change.  If you find that your taste in kitchens has changed, call on us for a kitchen remodeling experience that will be even better than you were expecting.

There are many different styles of kitchen design to choose from.  Some popular kitchen styles include:

  • Rustic—This style is designed to give a more natural look and involves the use of lots of wood, along with rough details.
  • Country—Rather than being natural and rough, this style could be defined as simple elegance, with bright or pastel colors and minimal decorations.
  • Classic—This style is more refined and is rich in detail, with some elements of design derived from legends or traditional stories.
  • Modern—This style is very clean in appearance, with simplicity being the key.
  • Retro—Just as it sounds, this style involves a return to anything that is older (think 1950s-1970s).

In addition to these styles, you could choose from American Colonial, Old World, Tuscan, French Country or Victorian to name a few. As you can see, the list goes on and on. While we aren’t interior designers, if you show us your designs, we can certainly assist you in the work of kitchen remodeling.

If you would like to know more about kitchen remodeling services we offer in Winter Park, FL, contact us at Eden Construction.  We will gladly come and assess your situation and provide you with a free estimate of your total costs.  Let us provide you with kitchen remodels that make your life “Eden” better!


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