Remodeling Services, Winter Park, FL

We offer remodeling services to transform the space you have into your dream home in Winter Park, FL.

home remodelingMany people have at least one room in their homes that just isn’t what they want it to be, whether it is an outdated bathroom or kitchen or a bedroom that is too small to fit the desired furniture. At Eden Construction, we offer remodeling services to transform the space you have into your dream home. If your house is too small to fit all of the members in your family, we can build a home addition to add space. When done poorly, it might be obvious that a room addition was added later. However, our team of renovation specialists will create a design that fits with your existing home, so it will match and look like it’s been there all along. Our remodeling services in Winter Park, Florida include bathroom and kitchen renovations, which add the highest amount of value to your home. When we update your kitchen, we can do as much or as little as will fit into your renovation budget. Our team can replace cabinets, install new countertops, remove and replace the flooring, and replace appliances to create an elegant and stylish space. Our bathroom renovations also increase your property value. If you have been considering selling your house because it’s not quite big enough for your growing family, give us a call to find out what remodeling services we can offer to you. We start by creating designs for your renovation project, and then we obtain any necessary permits to add rooms to your home. We work closely with you throughout every step to ensure your total satisfaction with the project.









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