Aluminum Construction ServicesAluminum has been recognized recently as one of the most energy-efficient construction materials available today.  With the many features that aluminum can offer, you and your wallet will fall in love with what our team at Eden Construction can build for you.  With our aluminum construction services, you can have flexibility of design, durability and a practical price for your new home or addition.

When given the openness to design to your desires, aluminum offers a flexibility that you cannot find with wood, plastic or other metals like steel.  It is designed to be shaped and molded into works of art that architecture for modern construction has come to thrive for.   It can also be anodized, a process that makes the metal surface convertible into a decorative finish, or painted to give you a variety of color variations to match your home and style.

With aluminum construction services, you also get incredible durability.  Aluminum construction can withstand many of the challenges that Mother Nature has to offer.  It is also resistant to UV rays, thus giving a high reflective rate and lowering your overall energy costs.

Due to its flexibility for construction and ease for use in building, the construction costs associated with aluminum construction services is often lower than traditional construction.  Given its durability and the low maintenance costs associated with aluminum construction, your wallet will love that you chose aluminum construction.

Contact us at Eden Construction today to see how our aluminum construction services can help you add a sunroom, screen room or addition to your home, or how the design flexibility of aluminum construction can benefit your new construction project.