Acrylic Windows, Orlando FLWhat exactly are acrylic windows? Acrylic is a tough plastic that is 17 times stronger than glass! A lot more force is required for it to break compared to glass, and this strength makes your home a safer place for your family. Acrylic windows are much lighter than glass and cheaper to produce, so it is easier on your wallet. The impact strength for acrylic windows is also superior to glass, so if it breaks, it may crack, but never shatter.

Some might worry about the transparency of acrylic windows, but even in clarity, acrylic windows have glass windows beat. They actually allow more light to enter and can even purify the light by filtering out dangerous UV rays. Scratches can be buffed away, and these windows will never discolor.

Acrylic windows are perfect for our hot Florida weather because they are 20% more efficient than glass windows. That means that you can expect lower energy bills. They will also block out the humidity and allergens to help your family be more comfortable.

Acrylic windows are easy to cut and shape, so you never have to worry about an odd window or geometric window groups. If you have a screen room that you would like turned into a sunroom, acrylic windows are a fast and inexpensive solution.

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