sunroomWhen you are considering a sunroom or screen room addition to your home, you may have many concerns. Will your new area be functional? Will it detract from the current aesthetic of your home or add to it? Will it add to the overall value of your home? We understand these concerns, and we wanted to give you a bit of quick information to answer these very important questions.

Is A Sunroom or Screen Room Functional?

Both a sunroom and a screen room give you access to the outdoors without exposing you to potentially harsh conditions. Depending on how much of the outdoors you would like to stay outdoors will help you make the best decision overall. As the name would imply, a sunroom is a room dedicated to sunlight. With large windows that make up the exterior walls, you will be able to enjoy the sunlight year round. This option allows you to keep the room temperature controlled, and you will always be safe from direct rays. You are also safe from a variety of inclement weather conditions.

Screen rooms provide less protection from various weather conditions. However, this will give you more of a feeling of being outdoors. You will be safe from direct rays, and the screens will provide a bug-proof barrier.

Is A Sunroom or Screen Room Beautiful?

Both sunrooms and screen rooms can be built to blend seamlessly with your current home’s design and structure. While windows are a timeless beauty, screen options can be customized to fit easily with the overall look and feel of your home. Both options, if done by a qualified professional, will add to the beauty of your home instead of detract from it. Once you are inside one of these skillfully designed rooms, you will never want to leave.

Is A Sunroom or Screen Room Valuable?

You may be surprised to learn that screened-in areas tend to have a higher return on investment than sunrooms. Both, however, will give you a wonderful, useable space. If you are planning on staying in the home for at least five more years, a sunroom or screen room is more practical. If you are planning to move in the coming years, you may want to invest in other remodeling projects.