Exterior-Sunroom-orlando-1A sunroom is a room constructed mainly of windows. It typically leads into the backyard as well, allowing for easy access to the outdoors. The purpose of these rooms is to allow greater enjoyment of the outdoors, while still maintaining the comfort that comes from being inside. Your custom home should be tailored to fit your needs and ideal living circumstances. Here are a few reasons why adding a sunroom would be a great addition to your plans.

  • Added relaxation space. A sunroom will add square footage to your home, giving you more space to relax and entertain in. Do you enjoy hosting parties or having extended family come over? A sunroom gives you the space you need to relax and entertain, and is a good fit for any custom home.
  • Enjoy the outdoors while indoors. Who doesn’t love watching a beautiful sunset or listening to a thunderstorm? A sunroom allows to enjoy the elements from the comfort of your home.
  • You can still have air conditioning and heating. While a sunroom may feel like its outdoors, it’s still enclosed, which means you can have the luxury of cooling and heating. While this is an added bonus anywhere, this feature might be especially appealing to those who live in hot, humid climates. Summer nights spent out on a porch don’t offer the same enjoyment when you are swatting mosquitos and sweating. Sitting in your sunroom, you can still enjoy those summer nights, but with the added comfort of an air conditioner.

A custom home should give you everything that you want out of a home and more. A sunroom will take relaxing and enjoying family time to the next level, helping you obtain the home of your dreams.