make sure the siding you choose can withstand the weather conditions
Siding has a very important job when it comes to the overall function of your home. Siding must not only protect the home, but also complement other homes in the neighborhood. With that being said, it’s very important to understand what the options are for siding and how to pick the correct choice for your home.

There are 7 siding materials that are the most popular of all the available options:

  1. Vinyl. The most common choice in the US and Canada is vinyl, which can be made to resemble more expensive siding choices but comes at a lower price point
  1. Engineered Wood. Engineered wood siding allows you to provide less maintenance, has an authentic look, and is durable.
  1. Natural Wood. Natural wood can work on pretty much any style home, can be finished any way you’d like, and is eco-friendly.
  1. Aluminum doesn’t hold moisture or break down. It also is eco-friendly as well as fire-resistant.
  1. Fiber Cement. Fiber cement is highly pest resistant, doesn’t expand or change with weather conditions, and can replicate other materials.
  1. Stucco siding will never have to be repainted, provided it is installed correctly.
  1. Stone Veneer. Stone veneer is a nice siding option because it’s not only lighter than real stone, but is also easier on labor.

What’s important is that you chose an option based around your needs. The choice you make should reflect the value of the home. If you are moving in the future, make sure you are not spending more on your siding than you can recoup in the sale of your home. You’ll also want to make sure the siding you choose can withstand the weather conditions of your climate. If you’d like help choosing a siding material, feel free to contact us at Eden Construction—we’re happy to discuss the pros and cons of each material with you.