Final-Lo-res-adjusted-non-blue-1-1Home construction is not a quick process.  From the time you obtain a building permit to the time you can move into your single family home, it takes an average of 7 months.  While this number may vary based on your location, you can be sure your home construction process will take a good amount of time to complete.  That is why it is especially important for you to set a realistic timeline for your home construction.

Your first step is to seek a home loan and work out your plans in detail.  From the time your paperwork is reviewed to the time it is approved, you may have to wait almost a month.  Your second step is to collect bids and find a reliable contractor that you wish to work with.  This process, if done thoroughly, may take you an additional month. Collecting permits for your home construction project is likely to require around two weeks of waiting.  Finally, your project can begin construction.

Initial site and ground work will take about a week, give or take several days.  The foundation of your home could take up to a month to be completed.  By now, you are likely three months into your home construction project.  From this point your contractor can give you the best estimate for your overall timeline; however, this timeline may change based on weather and other extenuating circumstances.

While timelines vary greatly, the most important thing you can do to ensure your home is built in a reasonable timeframe is to find a contractor that you can trust.   If your contractor is professional, he or she will keep you informed along the way.  You should feel confident about the finished home throughout the construction process.

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