Screen Room Versus Sunroom: What’s the Ideal Solution for You?

Choosing between a sunroom and a screen room can be an exciting albeit challenging decision as a homeowner. Both options offer you living spaces that are more connected to natural light and the outdoors. Both offer specific benefits, but making the right decision depends greatly on your needs and preferences. Here’s a few key factors to consider when deciding if a sunroom or screen room is best for your home.

First, what is the fundamental difference between a sunroom and a screen room? A sunroom is a fully enclosed room of the house. Typically, it will have three walls lined with several large windows as well as skylights overhead to allow as much sunlight into the room as possible. On the other hand, a screen room is a simpler structure made up of a framing lined with screens or windows to enclose an existing porch or patio.

When it comes to choosing a sunroom, there are several benefits over a screen room. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that a sunroom is an actual insulated room within the house. This makes sunroom temperatures much easier to regulate. They also provide better protection from outside weather than a screen room typically does. They provide comfortable year-round use while a screen room, depending on the design, will likely have some limitations based on the weather.

The major factor that deters one from a sunroom is the cost. A sunroom will generally cost more to build than a screen room. After it’s constructed, you must also consider upkeep and utility costs to maintain a sunroom. With its numerous windows, it requires more from your AC system to keep temperatures cool. These after-construction factors lead to increased utility costs with a sunroom.

A screen room is the more cost-effective choice, but the benefits don’t stop there. A screen room gets you closer to feeling like you are truly outdoors. The breezes and smells wafting through the garden outside readily enter and pass through a screen room whereas a sunroom blocks out these natural elements. You are able to enjoy the fresh air but still keep out the bugs.

Whether you are confident in one choice or still on the fence, we have the skill and experience to bring your sunroom or screen room to life. We can help you find the option that best aligns with your specific needs and goals. Contact us today and take advantage of this knowledge to determine the best fit for your home and your life.