screen roomHave you ever gone out onto your porch with a glass of lemonade and a good book, planning to relax for a couple hours and enjoy the nice breeze, only to be driven back inside after a few minutes from too many bugs or too much sun? We love to enjoy the outdoors, but sometimes nature doesn’t cooperate with our ideal lounging plans. A screen room can give you outdoor enjoyment combined with some of the benefits of being inside.

A screen room is a deck or porch with walls and a roof. The walls can be constructed almost entirely out of screens or half wall/half screen, depending on your preference. Because the room is enclosed, it offers protection from pesky insects and bugs, as well as cover from direct sunlight and rain, while still allowing you to enjoy the feel of the outdoors. Screen rooms are a great addition to any home because they allow you to get maximum enjoyment out of your deck or patio.

Many homes are equipped with some sort of deck or porch, but they frequently go unused because the elements get in the way. Why try and surf the web while swatting flies when you could go inside and be fly-free? We spend so much of our time indoors because, let’s face it, it’s comfortable! A screen room can give you the luxury of reconnecting with nature without the annoying inconveniences.

We can help you design a screen room to help you get the most out of your outdoor living space. Give us a call today!