Room AdditionsHave you considered a room addition but fear it will “look” like a room addition? While it is fine to add a screen room or sunroom and expect it to look different than the rest of the house, a well-done room addition should blend seamlessly and look like it was built at the same time as the rest of the home.

To get this result, you need a home construction contractor that does quality work and understands the need to make the addition useful yet pleasing in appearance. Otherwise you could end up with something that mimics the old Winchester House that Sarah Winchester kept adding room additions to until it had more than 20 bedrooms and over 100 total rooms, staircases that lead nowhere and was seven stories tall – and none of it looks like it makes any sense whatsoever!

Obviously that is an extreme situation, but you do want your room addition to make sense not just for its intended use but also as an improvement to the value of the home. You may have to ask yourself if the next owner would find the room useful. It is far more likely if it is placed and designed correctly.

One way to get that original look is to repeat various design elements by matching finish materials such as roofing, trim and exterior wall materials and coloring. Matching materials inside the home is important as well.

If you are looking for a room addition, give us a call at Eden Construction. We’ll be glad to schedule a free consultation to offer our suggestions on the placement of the room addition on your Winter Park, FL home and advice on how to make it look like it could always have been there.