Screen Room in Orlando, FLScreen rooms are much like sunrooms, only they are enclosed by screens instead of glass. This means that you can still feel that lovely summer breeze, but also be safely shut away from pests like mosquitoes. Screen rooms are also very cost-effective for you home. They are inexpensive to build and add to your home’s overall worth.

Perhaps you are in an area with few to no trees, or else those palms just aren’t giving you the shade you want. You don’t have to wait years for a tree to grow large enough to cast enough shade when you can just build a screen room. With screen rooms, you and your family can be protected from direct contact with the sun and dangerous ultra violet rays. You can keep beautiful blooms inside to create your own shaded oasis.

Screen rooms are also valuable if you are having a barbecue or outdoor party that is suddenly threatened with bad weather, like wind or rain. You can simply bring your barbecue and guests inside the screen room to keep on celebrating.

A screen room is surely to become the congregation place for your family. It will be the perfect place for a relaxing or for quiet reading. If you are interested in adding a screenroom onto your home, please contact us. We service Winter Park and a 50-mile radius that includes Orange County, Seminole County, and Osceola County and the cities of Orlando, Clermont, Deltona and Deland.