Bathroom Remodeling in Orlando, Florida
When you consider bathroom remodeling, you have to make many careful decisions that will ultimately affect the value of your home and its resale potential. While the temptation to personalize and customize is easy to give in to, it may be better to balance the personalization with timeless features that will help sell your home in the future.

Bathroom remodeling is more than picking a new sink, countertop and toilet. The first key to bathroom remodeling success is to effectively plan your new space and think about what features are really important to the tasks you complete in the room. Leave room in your budget for surprises, as well. It is common to discover water damage during bathroom remodeling, and other unexpected expenses can challenge your budget.

Here are some things to think about as you begin to think about bathroom remodeling:

  • Plan for toilet placement behind a partial wall or large piece of furniture. If you have space, consider placing it in its own room within the larger room. Don’t forget to light the area.
  • The shower and tub are the largest features of the bathroom. While it’s a good idea to have a tub somewhere in your home, consider how often you actually use it. A larger shower may be a better investment than a tub.
  • Vanity space is very important. Even if you decide against his and her sinks, make sure you prioritize counter space and storage.
  • Choose durable surfaces for the bathroom floor, walls, counters and sinks.
  • Consider water efficiency for the toilet, the sink and the shower or tub.