Bathroom RenosIf you’re ready to take on a bathroom renovation, there are a few things to consider before jumping in. It can be exciting to think about your wants and preferences when designing a bathroom, but since most of us are working with a budget, you also want to focus your money on what is more important for a functional bathroom and getting the biggest return on investment. Picking unusual styles probably won’t reap the biggest reward if potential homeowners don’t like it, so if you are planning to sell in the near future, try to pick styles that are more mainstream.

When we work on bathroom renos, we recommend updating the aesthetics of the space and focusing on function. Since each bathroom has a different blueprint, this can look different for each job, but maximizing the space is the goal for bathroom renos.

Counter space on the vanity is a top priority since one of the primary purposes of the bathroom is grooming. Opt for vanities with plenty of surface area and storage space. Recently, the trend in bathroom renos is to take out the master tub and replace it with a more luxurious shower space. However, we only recommend this if there is another tub located in the house. Another popular bathroom reno is to have a separation room for the toilet. If the bathroom is too small for a separate room, a dividing wall can be a great option. Make sure to select appropriate surfaces for flooring and countertops since they take a beating in the bathroom from high usage and water exposure.

Bathroom renos are a great investment and we can turn your bathroom into the oasis you’ve always wanted!