How to Know When to Replace Vinyl SidingVinyl siding is a beautiful and highly functional way to protect your home. Siding is excellent at keeping moisture out and protecting your home from the elements. However, if you have vinyl siding, you know it won’t last forever. You must know the signs when it’s time to replace the siding on your home. Here are some of the signs you should look out for:

  1. Evidence of Rotting – Vinyl siding is designed to withstand water; however, it may start to rot if water gets under the siding. Mold, mildew, and other bacteria may form if water seeps into the siding. If there are clear signs of rot, it is time to replace your siding.
  2. Siding is Loose or Cracked –Another sign that it is time to replace your vinyl siding is if it is loose or cracked. This may mean it is peeling off the side of your house, or it could be missing pieces. Any signs of visible damage mean it’s time for a replacement.
  3. Signs of Water Damage –If you notice water damage inside your home along the walls, this may be because your siding is no longer working optimally. If water has seeped into your siding, as mentioned above, you may end up with water damage inside your home.
  4. Your Energy Bills Have Increased – This can be frustrating when you’ve taken all the steps necessary to save energy. However, if your siding is damaged, you may notice an increase in your energy bills.

Not sure if your siding needs to be replaced? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to take a look and provide you with our honest recommendation.