Vinyl Siding in Orlando, FL
Vinyl siding was first introduced in the 1960s and quickly became one of the most popular choices for home exteriors. Since then, it has only become more popular, especially with the addition of many colors and styles that allow homeowners who choose vinyl siding to get many different looks. There are even vinyl siding options that replicate vintage siding to maintain the look and feel of an older home.

When it was first introduced, vinyl siding quickly became popular for lower-cost housing options, but with improvements to the choices available and to the quality of the vinyl siding itself, vinyl siding is now found on all types of houses in various climates. Currently, vinyl siding is the exterior covering of about one-third of all new single-family homes constructed.

There are many reasons for this popularity:

  • Vinyl siding requires very little maintenance. It doesn’t have to be painted every few years like wooden siding. Cleaning it can be as simple as mixing vinegar and water and using a sturdy scrub brush. If you decide to use a pressure washer, make sure you don’t shoot water upward between the siding slats.
  • It is friendly to your budget. It has the lowest installation cost compared to other exterior coverings. With a standard 50-year warranty, you can feel confident that it will last a long time.
  • It is weatherproof, insect proof, and resistant to fading. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you will be glad to know that some types are wind resistant up to 240 miles per hour.
  • Once it is installed correctly, it is able to expand and contract, and should not buckle or warp.