Bathroom RemodelingMaking the decision to start a bathroom remodeling project is a great idea, as it will add value to your home and make this room more enjoyable. However, your results could be more or less than you hoped for if you make wise or unwise choices about the project. Here are some words of wisdom that can keep you on the right path to a successful bathroom remodeling result.

DO choose materials wisely as many are not suitable for bathroom remodeling projects due to moisture issues. DON’T go with budget materials that could produce undesired results.

DO think about whether the look you are going for is one that will be as favored in a few years as it is now, unless you are prepared to do another bathroom remodeling project to get rid of a fad look or color that no longer is in favor. Also, think about the future – adding ADA features now could save you money later, and many are just as useful now, such as comfort-height models.

DO consider modern features such as a separate toilet area, larger showers and water-efficient options. Many homeowners are even opting to remove bathtubs in favor of extra-large shower areas in at least one of their bathrooms. DON’T remove the bathtub, however, if that is the only one in the house. Even though you may rarely use it, you will find yourself missing it from time to time if it is gone.

DO hire a professional bathroom remodeling contractor. Skimping on skilled labor by doing it yourself may sound good as a way to save money, but unless you are highly skilled at all facets of the project including flooring, tile work, electrical and plumbing, you could end up with a mess on your hands. DON’T just hire the contractor with the lowest estimate either.

To get the best results, choose a bathroom remodeling contractor that has 30+ years of experience, such as Eden Construction. Our Rick Eden is an award winning contractor that has been a Florida State Certified Contractor since 1983. DO call us for a free consultation and estimate for your Winter Park, FL bathroom remodeling project.