home remodeling, Orlando FLWhen you bought the house you currently own, you didn’t have access to a crystal ball that would tell you that eventually that home would no longer suit your needs. Now you are facing the daunting task of putting it up on the market and finding a more suitable home for your family’s needs. Or, do you really have to do that? It is possible that the right home remodeling projects could save you from that arduous task and even be the wisest financial decision you could make.

The first thing to consider is why your present home doesn’t work for you. Obviously if it is the location due to a job transfer or similar situation, home remodeling cannot change that. However, if it is because your family has grown, and you need more space or you just got the wrong size house to begin with, that certainly can be rectified with home remodeling.

There are a number of home remodeling projects that can help you avoid having to move. If your property has the space, you can have a room addition constructed, a sunroom added or even a screen room built. A room addition is the best choice if you need an additional bedroom or bathroom. A sunroom is ideal for adding living space such as a sitting area, breakfast nook or craft room. A screen room will help you enjoy outdoor activities, and thus, enjoy your home more.

When you consider the costs to sell and buy, such as real estate brokerage commissions and other closing fees, you might even save money by doing a home remodeling project instead. On top of that, you will have increased the value of your home, so that even if you do end up selling it later on, it will fetch a higher price. If you would like a free consultation and estimate for home remodeling for your Winter Park, FL home, give us a call at Eden Construction. With over 30 years of experience in home construction and home remodeling, we can resolve all your concerns and help you get rid of that walls-closing-in feeling!