Vinyl SidingWhile vinyl siding is one of the most common home siding options, it is not damage-proof.  Extreme weather conditions and abnormal wear may lead to siding damage.  We have compiled a list of 5 causes of vinyl siding damage that may leave your panels in need of replacement; however, these are extreme conditions.  Vinyl siding is very durable under normal circumstances.

  1. Hail- Hail is one of the most common reasons vinyl panels will need to be replaced.  Hail happens often in most areas around the U.S., and the damage caused by hail may be difficult to identify.  Hail over 7/8 inches, in the right conditions, can cause damage to siding.  Damage may be seen in holes, cracks, or chipping.
  2. Extreme Heat- Vinyl siding is made to withstand usual sun exposure; however, after extended periods of time it may fade and even warp.  More often, what is considered “extreme heat” is caused by grills and fires that are placed too close to vinyl siding.
  3. Wind- While vinyl siding can withstand usual weather conditions, extreme wind may loosen your panels or cause them to detach.  This is most often caused by loose or improperly installed panels.  Fast-moving air gets behind the panels and pulls them away from the wall.
  4. Sunlight- If your siding is on a side of your home that faces direct sunlight, it may not keep its color as long as shaded siding.  While the siding will not likely warp in the heat, it may discolor or fade in time.