updating your bathroom with bathroom renovations

Some of the most important rooms in any house are the kitchen and bathrooms. If either or both of these rooms are woefully outdated or unusable, you will have a much harder time functioning in your home or trying to sell it down the line should you need to. Bathroom renovations can be an easier renovation to start with since there are often spare bathrooms that can be used while one is being renovated. If you are considering updating your bathroom with bathroom renovations, we here at Eden Construction think you should consider these tips.

1.  Budget, budget, budget. One of the best things you can do when it comes to bathroom renovations is budget, then review and then budget again. The state and age of your bathroom can often affect the cost of bathroom renovations, so make sure that your budget is able to accommodate the things you want to do as well as some surprise expenses.

2.  Keep permanent fixtures timeless. There’s nothing wrong with designing a bathroom to suit your style, but unless you are 100% sure your home will be your forever home, we suggest keeping some of your more permanent fixtures more neutral to appeal to future homebuyers. Instead, choose to impart your style on things that are easily changed like the knobs, light fixtures and paint color.

3.  Hide the toilet. If the first thing you see when you enter your bathroom is the toilet, you need to change that design and change it quick! Design your bathroom to highlight the room’s best features, not just the porcelain throne.