Are Acrylic Windows Right for You?
Here at Eden Construction, we want to help you make your home the best it can be, and one of the most important features of any home is the windows. There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to window materials, but one of the most well-known after standard glass is acrylic. In this article, our team will provide some information on acrylic windows to help you decide whether they are right for you.

  • Insulation- One of the advantages of acrylic windows over traditional glass ones is that acrylic has a lower thermal conductivity than glass–in other words, acrylic transmits less heat energy. This means that acrylic windows offer better insulation and will help keep your home more comfortable.
  • Light- Another difference between glass and acrylic windows is their relative optical transmission, or the amount of light that can pass through each material. Depending on the manufacturer, glass can transmit between 80 and 90 percent of visible light, but the percentage for acrylic is as high as 92.
  • Scratch Resistance- Another concern when it comes to choosing window materials is their different levels of scratch resistance, as homeowners will want to keep their windows looking pristine. In this regard, acrylic windows are the less ideal option, as acrylic is softer and therefore easier to scratch than standard glass. However, our team at Eden Construction will help you choose the right window materials and layout options to prevent scratches from occurring in the first place.