Acrylic Windows in Orlando, Florida
There are lots of great reasons to check out acrylic windows before you start planning a new construction project. Traditional mineral glass windows are made out of silica. They are transparent, at least at the thickness of most windows, and they filter UV rays out of light. Acrylic windows are made out of a tough plastic material and are also transparent. They actually allow a higher percentage of light to pass through than mineral glass panes, and they also filter UV rays.

One of the best reasons to consider acrylic windows for your home or business is that they are less dense than mineral glass panes. Because of being less dense, they are less expensive to produce, they are easier to move and transport, and they are cheaper to transport because they weigh less and don’t need the same protections as mineral glass.

Another great reason to think about acrylic windows is that they are stronger than mineral glass windows. Acrylic bends more than mineral glass, making it more resistant to impact. It bends instead of shattering. In spite of being stronger, it is easier to cut and work with acrylic. You can even bond several panes of acrylic together.

The final reason to choose acrylic windows is that they have better efficiency than mineral glass windows. This improved efficiency reduces the temperature fluctuations around your window openings, which will save you money on your heating and air conditioning. With all these great reasons to choose acrylic windows, they could be a great addition to your next project.