Replacement-Windows-1You may be surprised to learn the many benefits of choosing acrylic replacement windows for your home. Acrylic is quickly becoming the more popular versatile window choice. While your old glass windows may be in good shape, there are many reasons to make the change and consider investing in acrylic.

  1. Cost-effective- Acrylic replacement windows are cost-effective in that they are cheaper to produce, transport, and install than glass windows. You can use more windows or larger windows in your designs for less than glass would cost you.
  2. Light Transmitting- It may surprise you to learn that acrylic windows transmit more light than glass windows. While glass windows – depending on thickness – transmit around 80 percent of light, acrylic windows can transmit over 90 percent.
  3. Insulation- Acrylic is naturally more insulated than glass. In fact, it is about 20% more efficient than glass in reducing temperature fluctuations. This insulation in your new acrylic replacement windows may help to save you money on your energy bills.
  4. Condensation- Acrylic has a higher thermal conductivity level than glass, meaning there is no condensation on the windows. It can also be important for mold and damage control. Condensation can form puddles on the windowsill, which may lead to warping wood and mold.
  5. Shatter-proof- Acrylic is a shatter-proof material. This makes it the more durable option in areas where hail damage is a concern.

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