Sunroom, Winter Park, FL

One of the best additions to your Winter Park, FL home is a sunroom.

Sunroom Here in Winter Park, Florida, we are lucky to have a pleasant climate throughout most of the year. One of the best additions to your home is a sunroom, which provides a warm and pleasant space to relax without worrying about bugs and other pests bothering you while you are there. A sunroom is also called a conservatory or solarium and has glass walls that provide a view of the outside world. If you have pets, this may quickly become their favorite room in the home. Since it allows a lot of natural light, it is a great space for studying or working, as well.

At Eden Construction, we offer design and construction of sunrooms in homes in and around Winter Park, Florida. When we work on the design of your new sunroom, we will involve you to make sure it meets your expectations and fits within your budget. We will also obtain any necessary permits to make sure the renovation project fits within the local building codes.

Our renovation team at Eden Construction has many years of experience in designing and creating new rooms, including sunrooms. When we install the windows in your new space, we will use energy-efficient windows that keep heat in during the winter and cool air during the summer. We will also typically install ceiling fans to keep air moving throughout the room. We also use sturdy aluminum framing to make sure that your sunroom is functional and safe for all who spend time in the space.

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