Screen Rooms, Winter Park, FL

A screen room in your Winter Park, FL home can provide you and your family enjoyment all year long.

Screen Room in Winter Park, FLHave you ever thought about adding a screen room onto your house? Florida is a unique state where a screen room can provide you and your family enjoyment all year long. Here are some great reasons why you should add a screen room onto your house:

  • It is a relatively inexpensive addition to your home.
  • A screen room will increase the value of your home and will be a great attraction for potential buyers if you want to sell it someday.
  • You can enjoy sitting out on your patio or porch without having to worry about putting on bug spray or having pesky insects bother you.
  • A screen room will allow you to still enjoy the outdoors while it is raining outside, as you will stay in a nice and protected space.
  • Fresh air is still able to come into a screen room, so you still feel like you are outdoors.
  • A screen room will provide you protection from the sun, so you can feel like you are outside without needing to worry about putting on sun screen.
  • You can still enjoy barbecuing in your screen room when it is windy outside or if there is other inclement weather.

At Eden Construction, we would love to help you improve your Winter Park, Florida home with the addition of a screen room. Contact us today to see the great options we have for you.


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